Demolition finished and recycling the debris at “The Coppice”

by Andy Evans, in Development News , New Homes , News

As you’ll see from the photos below, this week we’ve completed the demolition of all the old buildings on the site, breaking up all the concrete hardstanding and then recycling the debris. We’ve also stockpiled at the rear of the site a large quantity of high quality topsoil that we’ve salvaged from across the site and will use at a later date on the gardens and landscaped areas of the finished development.

Having a large amount of brick and concrete debris on the site means that we have the luxury of being able to recycle it into crushed hardcore aggregate that we can use across the site instead of having to purchase it from elsewhere and pay to have it transported to the site. This gives us some cost savings and is also better for the environment. To recycle the debris we’ve had a Terex Pegson mobile crushing machine on site which crushes the concrete and brick demolition debris and turns it into 6F2/6F5 hardcore aggregate, see the video below to see it in action! We’ve then used the aggregate we’ve produced to “stone up” our site compound area, where our site offices, materials storage and car-parking will be, and the rest we’ve then stockpiled for later use.

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