Roofs tiled on Plots 1-3 at Aldermans Place, New Homes on Walsall Road, Willenhall

by Andy Evans, in Development News , New Homes

It’s the end of our 18th week on site at Aldermans Place, our New Homes development on Walsall Road in Willenhall. As you’ll see from the video and photos we’ve now got the roofs on Plots 1-3 tiled with the dormer windows in place. We’ve also got plots 4, 5 & 6 up to wall plate level ready for the roof trusses to go on, plots 7 & 8 are up to 1st floor joist level and we’ve started bringing up the ground floor walls on plots 12 and 13. We’ve also been carrying on with ground and foundation works generally including forming the piled foundations to plots 23, 24 & 25.

Watch our video update and see photos of progress on site below.

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