Vibro Piling Foundations at Walsall Road, Willenhall

by Andy Evans, in Development News , New Homes

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New Homes Development, Walsall Road, Willenhall - Vibro Piling FoundationsConstruction started last week at our development of 25 New Homes on Walsall Road in Willenhall with the ground works team clearing and levelling the site and laying hard standing areas ready to support the vibro piling rig.

This week the vibro piling team are installing compacted stone columns to stabilise and improve the load bearing capacity of the existing ground. 

The stone columns are formed by firstly inserting a vibrating probe into the ground. The vibrating probe penetrates the soil to the design depth and laterally displaces and compacts soil without producing any spoil. Next, as the probe is lifted, granular fill is deposited into the void created by the probe. The granular fill aggregate is then compacted by repeated re-insertion of the vibrating probe until the aggregates reach the surface.

Watch the video and take a look at the pictures below to see the Vibro Piling Rig in action….

DSCF7250    DSCF7252    DSCF7263    DSCF7244

DSCF7241    DSCF7240    DSCF7245    DSCF7256

DSCF7262    DSCF7264    DSCF7254    DSCF7246

Concrete trench strip foundations are then laid on top of the stone columns forming a solid base onto which brick and block foundations will be built up to damp proof course level and supporting the beam and block ground floor slab construction for the new houses.

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