New Site Acquired, Hixon, Staffordshire

by Andy Evans, in Development News , Land Wanted , New Homes , News

St Peters View Site Plan

We’re delighted to announce that today we exchanged contracts on a new site in the village of Hixon, Staffordshire, where we are going to build 30 affordable homes, including 6 bungalows, for one of the Midlands leading Housing Associations. The completed development will provide a selection of homes available for affordable rent and shared ownership.

Construction will start in the summer of 2019 and be completed in the summer of 2020.

More Land Wanted: we’re looking to buy land across the West Midlands, so if you are a landowner or land agent with land to sell please see our land wanted page for details of exactly what we are looking for and how to get in touch.

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  1. Lauren Sherwood says:

    Hi how do we go about getting one of these properties please ?

    1. Andy Evans says:

      Hi Lauren,

      For more information and to register your interest please visit

  2. Steve says:

    Hi, are these the actual plans or have they been adapted since this was published.
    If the plans have been adapted, is there a way of seeing them.
    Many thanks

    1. Andy Evans says:

      Hi Steve,

      These are the actual plans and haven’t changed since being approved by Stafford Borough Council in December 2019. You can view all the plans via the Stafford Borough Council website, under the view a planning application section.

      Kind regards,
      Wonderful Homes

  3. Steve says:

    Thank you Andy.
    I went to look at the construction yesterday and I was a little confused looking at the plans.
    There are currently six dwellings being constructed at the moment but could you tell me which ones they are via the plans. Would I also need to contact Midland Heart to purchase a shared ownership property. Many thanks

    1. Andy Evans says:

      Hi Steve,

      It might not be clear from looking through the gate / the fences, but there are actually 30 houses being constructed. The shared ownership ones are the 6 in the middle of the site, plots 1-6 on the site plan. To find out more and to register your interest please contact Midland Heart;

      To register your interest in renting you’ll need to contact Midland Heart via their website:

      To register your interest in buying one of the houses, please call Midland Heart’s Sales Hotline on 0800 44 55 67

      Kind regards,
      Wonderful Homes

  4. Chris says:


    From looking at the plans I can see all structures on the plan have been completed now, out of curiousity why has the building site been extended furthur in to the field beyond plot 8 and 9?

    Are there more houses to be built here, what are the plans for any extra development close by?

    Kind regards,


    1. Andy Evans says:

      Hi Chris,

      The building site has been extended beyond plots 8 and 9 only as a temporary measure to enable us to divert and connect an existing adopted foul sewer that runs upstream of our site to the east and to form a temporary compound for our groundworks contractor. In terms of extra development close by; As things stand there are no further houses planned adjacent to our development and there is no provision for this in the adopted Hixon Neighbourhood Plan 2011-2031. There is however planning permission granted for the former army hospital that’s situated in the field to the east of our site for it to be converted into a mixed use scheme, together with a new access road. This new access road is shown as extending from the end of the new road we’ve constructed, beyond plots 8 and 9. I have no idea when this road extension will be constructed, it’s not something we’ve been involved with and it’s unlikely that we will get involved.

      I hope the above helps.

      Kind regards,
      Andy Evans