Gable walls finished on the 5 new homes we’re building for sale on Gospel Lane, Acocks Green, Birmingham

by Andy Evans, in Development News

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At the end of our 23rd week we’ve topped out the last gable wall, completing the brickwork shells of all 5 plots. Many thanks to the bricklayers, Mick & Family, who have been a pleasure to work with and have done a fantastic job despite having to work around the worse weather conditions they’ve ever experienced!! It was therefore a strange twist of fate for them to finish the last brickwork on a gloriously sunny blue sky day – not a cloud in the sky – as you’ll see from the photos & video!!

The carpenters have also been working hard this week to get all the roof timber construction finished and ready our roofing contractor to start next week.

We’ve had a slight glitch to deal with this week when the suppliers of our dormer windows let us down with delivery at the last minute and they will now be a week late. The carpenters and roofers are able to work around the delay without it adding much if any time to the overall programme, but it has been a pain having to cancel a re-book the crane and additional labour to get the 10 dormers lifted into position.

Other than that, things have gone well this week and we are looking forwards to getting the roofs felted and tiled so we can get cracking with the internal works without bad weather being able to hold us up! – If sod’s law holds true we will probably now see several weeks of non-stop glorious weather!!

To see how the new houses are looking now watch this weeks video update…





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